What is an “Online Business Manager”?

You’ve heard of a Virtual Assistant, but what exactly is an Online Business Manager?

You can think of an online business manager as the next step up from Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is a business support professional who can come alongside your business and complete your assigned tasks. An online business manager will partner with your business to advise on and implement complex solutions for your business.

As experts in their field, online business managers can zoom out and take a birds eye look at your business and carefully investigate what you need to help take your business to the next level. They can also advise on issues you might not have been aware of.

Main responsibilities of an OBM

  • Managing projects – launch, implement and oversee the strategy of projects that align with the business goals
  • Operations Management – manage and keep track of staff and business operations for both project and non-project-based tasks
  • Tracking performance – measure and track strategies and implementation of projects in line with key performance indicators
  • Solution Strategists – Research and advise on best practices in line with business goals and delivery outcomes

The Administration Agency is an online service that helps business owners plan and execute tasks to maximise productivity while minimising costs. With The Administration Agency’s virtual business support services, you’ll be able to focus on what matters – running your business effectively while we take care of delivering outcomes that help take your business to the next level.

At The Administration Agency, we are expert online business managers with a team of skilled, Australian-based virtual assistants passionate about delivering outcomes to see YOUR business succeed. Our team are experts in their field with a range of specialities.

We see the role of virtual assistants as the implementors in the business, the yes people who take on tasks as they are given. The ones that can skilfully and professionally follow through with the day-to-day to help keep your business running. While the OBM tasks are the strategists that will come alongside your business and provide expert advice and knowledge around achieving your goals and outcomes for the business. They are invaluable in providing high-level strategic advice that can give busy business owners the path they need to exceed their goals.

Perhaps you’re reading this and aren’t sure exactly what your business might need. This is common with business owners who can often juggle and wear many hats! That’s why at The Administration Agency, we offer a complimentary discovery call with our founder and head online business manager, Louise. She’s talked with hundreds of business owners over the years and is skilled in drawing out precisely what a business owner needs and then advising a tailor-made solution. Click here and reach out today and let’s chat.

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