You’re here because you know something needs to change …

We are your "Go-To" when you need end-to-end support and everything in between ...

There could be many reasons why you haven’t hired or engaged someone like us already. Maybe it’s because:

You barely have enough time to get through your day as it is

You think that by the time you explain something to an assistant you may as well have done it yourself

You have had a bad experience and are uncomfortable with the associated risks

You think your standards are too high and they won’t meet your expectations

Delegation is hard and you didn’t start your business to manage people

You’ve had permanent staff up until now, but times are changing and you understand the importance of good contractors.

The Administration Agency was built to address these concerns. We have worked with start-ups, small businesses, and large organisations. 

We are well equipped to guide and support you through this process.

We’re the movers and shakers …

If you’re looking for that person who can handle any project or task that’s thrown at them, to come and “sort it out” when you need it, who can turn things around quickly and give you the support you need, you’re in the right place

How to get started ?


Book your discovery call

This is a non-negotiable! During the call we’ll find out what projects or tasks you’d like to outsource and what your goals are. This is also your opportunity to ask us questions.


Receive a Proposal

After our discovery call our team will put together a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the work and our fees. 


The collaboration begins

If you decide to accept our proposal, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work! Depending on your needs, we may need to schedule another call to organise access to the appropriate accounts.

Kind Words From Our Clients

Their ability to jump into our business and support us when needed has been amazing.
Tina Hay
Tina Hay

The team and I love working with Lou and her team at The Administration Agency. Nothing is ever too hard, and their ability to jump into our business and support us when needed has been amazing. It means I can focus on giving my clients and team the attention they deserve and not worry about the tasks that I leave to last and usually have to do after hours! It means I can spend precious hours with the family and not have to worry about deadlines. What I love is the diversity of her skills! I can ask pretty much anything to be done from copywriting to editing, to reporting and more which I really appreciate and value. I’m really grateful we found The Administration Agency, and they have just become part of the team so easily! I look forward to an ongoing relationship with them and highly recommend them to anyone who just needs that extra pair of eyes, ears and hands in their business!

Seriously love working with you Lou x

She has been a breeze to work with and added so much fun to our team.
Jess Ndenda
Jess Ndenda

We love working with Lou. Her initiative, attention to detail and care factor to go above and beyond make her a great VA. However it is her creative flair, extensive organisational skills and communication that make her an outstanding one. She has helped develop processes for our business and uplevel our client care procedures. She has been a breeze to work with and added so much fun to our team.

Thanks Lou!

50 Business Administration Tasks

This will give you a great overview of the range of services we offer. Every business has different requirements, so once we know what you’d like to oursource, we can create a customised bespoke package for you.

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