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One of the most challenging things is getting clients. Our goal is to help you become the best VA you can be and connect you with those clients who fits your needs and skills to build long lasting relationships. 

We handle all the nitty gritty bits like the contracts, invoicing, negotiations and “stuff” so you can focus on getting your work done! 

We also offer you FREE membership to our VA program, My VA Time that will help you build your confidence, knowledge, and skills along the way.

This is up to you! We won’t ask you to do anything that is not in your wheel-house and that you aren’t comfortable doing. With our interest form, we dive deep into what excites you and what expertise you offer and then align our projects according to your strengths.

Once you apply to become a member of The Administration Agency Team, we will send you through a test project to ensure your work meets our quality standards. After you pass the test project, you’ll be officially added to our team and be sent an onboarding contract that outlines all the stuff you need to know! 

Our matching process is considered high priority and we want to match you with your ideal client, which might mean that there is a bit of a waiting period. 

To speed up the process, we encourage you to share our handles with your networks and get businesses to become involved!

We ask that you provide us with an invoice at the end of every month for your services. Invoices will be paid at the beginning of every month. If your project requires a high amount of hours per week, we will discuss an alternate mode of payment. 

Absolutely! The great thing about our industry is we can work from anywhere at any time! We ask that you be mindful of our clients and work within their preferred time zone.

Once we have received your application and your test project, we will move into our onboarding process where we ask you to provide a few details and take you through expectations, our policies, and procedures. Here’s an example of what we will ask for: 

  1. Your ABN
  2. Your proof of public liability and professional indemnity insurance
  3. References
  4. Your professional profile

Once we have received your application, we will be in contact to take you through our onboarding process.

We are very deliberate in assigning you to our clients, based on qualifications and personality. But we do understand that sometimes things don’t work out quite as well as planned. We encourage you to let us know how you are feeling as soon as possible. We will then conduct a briefing with you to see if there is anything we can do and to offer alternative solutions.

A joining fee of $99 is payable to cover your onboarding, screening, and assignment costs.  

An annual fee of $39 is payable on the year of your joining date thereafter.

Absolutely! Working with The Administration Agency is just one way to attract clients. We do ask that you respectively sign a non-compete clause that means you cannot work with our clients or any clients undergoing the onboarding process directly. We also ask that you be respectful of your time to ensure you aren’t taking on too much to compromise your delivery. Having an open and honest line of communication and being transparent is highly encouraged.

We strive to create a safe space for our VAs where they feel comfortable, protected, encouraged and empowered. 

We work hard but enjoy ourselves while we do. 

We have each other’s backs and build strong relationships with you to help you define your VA life, build your career and work toward that common goal.

We’d love to talk with you!

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