As a busy business owner, time is money. So finding ways to be more productive can directly impact the bottom line. But where do you begin? If you try searching for productivity tools, you’ll be met with an avalanche of options, each promising to help improve your efficiencies and your bottom line. What process can you use to determine which is best for you and your needs? I want to share my top tips when revising productivity in your workplace. Don’t need those tips? Then why not skip to the end and read our special “productivity package” we offering?

First things first. You can’t begin to work out your solution if you aren’t entirely able to define your problem. So the first step is to look at what you hope to improve. Could you be looking to streamline some of your processes to avoid repetition? Or do you need a better way to communicate between stakeholders so everyone can be on the same page? Both these hypotheticals would require vastly different solutions. Start by writing out your ultimate wish list – think big! What would an efficient and productive workplace look like in your business? How would it work? In what ways would it be different to what you are currently doing?

Pick 1-3 of the most urgent or pressing from this wish list. Sure, we all have a wish list, but realistically you’ll only be working on a few of these at any time. This is where you can start to think of what the priority is. Is it more time you need or more finances? What about increasing quality? Narrow the focus and select the items to work on first.

Next, we want to drill down into the problem and why it’s such an issue. Understand it from all angles. Don’t forget to consider what implementing a solution would look like and how it may affect other aspects of the business.

Now’s your chance to figure out a solution. Don’t be fooled, though, into thinking this will be straightforward. Business processes can be complex, with plenty of moving parts. It’s possible that there isn’t one single solution that will fit perfectly. This is where being flexible comes in.

Once you have found your solution, it’s time to get it up and running! And this is where it’s important to remember to revise and review what you’ve implemented. Maybe business has changed in the time it’s taken to implement something. Or perhaps the solution was not an excellent fit for the business. This is where you can pivot rather than stick with something unnecessarily!

But maybe even reading this feels too overwhelming! That’s understandable. You excel at what you do and don’t have the time and energy to worry about implementing productivity solutions for your business. That’s where The Administration Agency comes in. Our team of dedicated business support specialists have a passion for productivity! Even better, we have a wide range of specialists who understand a range of industries, which makes working with us a breeze.

Special Offer: This month, we are offering a special package deal – The Productivity Package! After booking a complimentary chat with me to chat more about what you’re looking for, we will get our team working for you and your business productivity outcomes through the steps outlined above. Our productivity specialists can assess, research, plan and implement a tailor-made solution for YOU and YOUR business!

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