We are always on the lookout for the best of the best …

Finding clients and regular project/admin work can be challenging … 

This is where being part of The Administration Agency Team can help!

Maybe you can relate…

You spend so much of your time trying to find clients that you wonder if it’s really worth it?

Imposter syndrome kicks in as you doubt yourself, wondering if you’re offering the right services?

I’ve been trying and it’s been 6 months without a client! You’re just tired and ready to give up!

You love being a VA and nothing tickles your love tank more than making sure everything is tipateeboo for your clients.

You’re efficient, reliable, and love working hard to get the best results for your client.

You crave to be part of a virtual team that gets you and has your best interests at heart!

Would you like the opportunity to be part of a team that is supportive, encouraging and looks after their team? 

We are able to connect you with clients we think that are a great fit for your skills and personality and that you will be able to establish a long-term relationships with!

What The Administration Agency will do for you…

We take out the guess work and put in the hard yards

At The Administration Agency – we do all the footwork for you! 

We work hard on our marketing and strategic direction so you don’t have to!

We look after invoicing and billing

There is nothing worse than an overdue invoice, right? 
You don’t have to worry about that when you work with The Administration Agency.
We take care of the billing and invoicing. All you have to do is send us your invoice and get paid!

We are here to support you the best way we can

Sometimes things come up and you need to take some time.
Working with The Administration Agency, we have it covered and have built-in backup systems in the form of your team and director.
Being able to hand off time-sensitive work in order to focus on YOU can make such a huge difference!

We empower and educate you to keep growing

As part of our team, you gain immediate access to our VA membership program
My VA Time.
MVT is designed to help you expand and nurture your skills. We help you build your business while working at the same time!

Of course, we need to look at both sides of the fence when it comes to being part of an agency.

While you are still an independent contractor, we expect you to remember that you are part of an overarching team, providing support to varying types of businesses.

You will be answerable to The Administration Agency and have to agree to work for the rates we set rather than your own and adhere to the expectations set by us.

We do believe that this is a great opportunity for you as you get the best of both worlds!

Build your business while you work with us!

We offer flexibility, independence, and security.

Consider joining our team today!

How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

You love working behind the scenes. You consider the people you work with your friends and you don’t mind not getting all the kudos or credit for what you do. You love collaborating with other people and getting different perspectives in order to get the best outcome.

No job is too big or too small. You love the little tasks like coordinating gifts for hardworking employees or getting strategic and contributing to operational plans. You love the diversity and that every day is different! You don’t mind that someone oversees your work before sending it to a client, you would rather it that way to ensure the client is happy. You encourage others and share knowledge. You aren’t afraid to let people know that things could be done more effectively and efficiently and have a heart for helping others.

Not ready to join our team but would like some support? 

We’re on a mission to build a community that encourages, empower and educates all over the world! 

We have developed a safe space when your can come and just be you! This time has been created for you when it suits you! There are no lock in contracts, dates or anything, just a whole bunch of goodness that is practical and able to be implemented into your business model straight away! 

We offer a free month trial period, because who wants to pay for things they don’t use right (#hellogymmembership) 

We encourage you to go and check it out and see if our community is for you.