The power of boring: 5 mundane tasks that are actually powerful!


We want to spotlight those jobs that fall into the “would love to do, but don’t have time for” category. Tasks that will add value and can be powerful tools for a business but don’t often get the attention they deserve. They are important but don’t have any urgency. We’ve identified the top 5 mundane tasks that businesses can use for a mighty long-term return.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are important in providing a consistent, efficient and effective way to carry out tasks and processes in a business. They help to ensure that all staff are working in the same way whilst streamlining the training of new employees. They can be a powerful tool in allowing a business to scale and can be invaluable during an emergency. Unfortunately, these are often neglected as businesses are busy DOING the actual work. But by efficiently documenting your processes, you are setting yourself up for ongoing wins as employees and circumstances change and evolve.

Emergency Planning

Does your business have a plan for if your internet is suddenly unavailable? What about if you were without power for a significant amount of time? Could your business continue in these scenarios, or would it come grinding to a halt?

Working out ahead of time various scenarios and how your business could continue isn’t something you’ll regret! It might seem over the top to be planning for such contingencies, but for anyone who has ever said, “I didn’t think it could happen to me”, you can appreciate how powerful having a plan in these unsettling situations can be.

Subscription review

Subscriptions seem to be ubiquitous in business! So regularly reviewing your subscriptions can be a powerful way to save money on unnecessary expenses. And it’s not just through cancelling unused subscriptions that you can save, it’s worthwhile to see what features and benefits they include in each. It would surprise you what you might be paying for more than once!


When was the last time you updated your contact list? Having a quality list of your leads, clients and contacts can be invaluable to your marketing and sales plan. But only if the details are up to date! It can also help to remove contacts that are no longer relevant, especially if your subscription services are based on contact numbers.

Digital filing

When work is busy, it can seem like a quick solution to just save files and emails with little thought to a filing system. But over time, this can cause headaches and cost you time and money! Imagine the power of locating almost any file or email within seconds because you have a system that works – not just for you, but one that is documented in your SOP’s so that ANYBODY can locate what they need! This might seem boring, but it is powerful stuff!

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