Even though we often think of nurturing as the soft, caring skills of someone gently loving and tending to someone, we can still apply this to the business world!

Nurturing your clients (and potential clients!) is about showing care and concern for what their pain points may be and then consistently showing them how you can help alleviate them. It’s about building brand loyalty and encouraging your clients to be your brand ambassadors.

So what are some things a business should expect as a client? What are some of the indicators that show there is a culture of nurture and concern that will ultimately lead to a more productive business relationship? I want to show you the three main things we do here at The Administration Agency that ensure our clients feel supported and considered throughout their journey with us!

Pain points can change & so do our services.

This is especially true for long-term clients. Pain points can change and evolve– especially once they start getting addressed. Not only that, there may be other pain points you aren’t aware of. Regular two-way communication allows a business to pre-empt the client’s evolving needs. When we set up a new client, we like to pre-book our first few catch-ups in the first few weeks to ensure things are going smoothly and then ongoing regularly. This allows us to listen for the things they may not even know are a need yet! And like our clients, as our services grow and evolve, we make sure you communicate that!

Be consistent & authentic.

People connect with and appreciate honesty. The business world is competitive. As a client, it’s great to see who a business is and what they do – the good, the bad and the ugly! People crave authenticity, and by consistently showing up, they will get a sense of who you are and how you operate. This gives them a powerful insight into how they can help you in your business. At The Administration Agency, we embrace who we are – we know how we are different, and we’re proud of it! We like to share a complete picture of us and our business. In doing so, we show why we’re different and genuinely care and want to know more about your business. Our podcast “Get your own coffee” is an excellent example of this – it truly shares ALL aspects of running a VA agency with a team of over 5 – not just the pretty side!


Who doesn’t love a thank you? This powerful tool can be a big encouragement to step into your “brand ambassador” role for a business! When you’ve had a positive experience with a business, a reward can be a powerful motivator to share your experience with others as a word-of-mouth referral to your network. A business that happily rewards its current and past clients is an excellent indicator of a business that values a culture of nurturing. We love referrals at The Administration Agency! So much so that we currently offer a $50 referral.

Expanding and growing your business can be daunting. But being nurtured throughout the process makes it easier. Knowing a business has helped cultivate a culture of nurture towards their clients gives you a powerful insight into how they will treat you. Clear communication, being authentic and rewarding word-of-mouth referrals are all excellent signs that a business will genuinely want to come alongside and work at growing your business. 

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