According to recent studies, social media is one of the best ways to connect with customers and promote your business. However, many small business owners give up on social media after a few months, without seeing any results.


Why? Because they believe they aren’t getting a good return in investment.

We have serviced many clients who for a couple of months have engaged with us to help them with their social media.


Mostly it is because they aren’t being consistent, they lack content ideas and they aren’t getting the time to schedule.


Having someone like us schedule, develop a content strategy and posting for you is a life saver!


“It’s not doing anything for me”


But what if you aren’t seeing results? Does that mean you are wasting your money? Does that mean that we aren’t doing our job?


Not at all! When you are organically posting on social media, the aim is to connect with your potential clients, existing clients and plant the seed for future clients.


If you aren’t putting a specific CTA behind it ie 10% off our product, buy one get one free, why would people engage with you? Why would people buy?


These are the questions you need to ask yourself.


Ask yourself – what does it take for you to stop, read a post and purchase or engage with a business on social media?


If you have no content, no imagery, no idea, and just tell someone to post – then you are getting exactly what you are paying for.


If you are wanting lead generation and sales, this is different entirely and spans into Paid Social Media Advertising.


It is quite disheartening from an agency perspective when we hear the words “it’s just not doing anything” even though the analytics tell us differently and the amount of green on the reports clearly tell a different story!


It’s all about perception.


You really need to understand the difference between “organic” and “paid” and what they do, the benefits of them and when to use them.


Aren’t sure? Let us explain:


Organic social media is the free stuff ie without paid promotion.  The free content that you use that represents your brand and you share it on your page. It might be a brief CTA, and information post, a behind the scenes post – it’s a post that shows your brand freely to your followers.

The benefit of organic social media is it’s free and it allows you to build your reputation and customer relationships.


Paid social media is the paid stuff. Another word for advertising. It’s when you pay money to FB, in order for them to share your content with a specific audience. Consumers use this a lot to push products particularly when they have a sale to generate sales and leads.


“They are just tyre kickers”


We hear this often too – and while that maybe true and that is frustrating from you part, it is still an enquiry and it is still considered a lead. Correct?


Therefore, it is correct to say that social media marketing IS in fact working, but possibly just not the way you expected or wanted it to.


We really believe that a hybrid model is the best balance and best bang for your buck when it comes to social media advertising. That is, a blend of both. The great thing about organic posting, is when you do this and build your brand and reputation, when you do decide to throw some money behind something, it has a further reach.

Image from Hootsuite


So while you might thing that organic posting isn’t doing anything for you, it totally is. It’s like the little nanonites in the background that go to work behind the scenes that you don’t see but play a huge part when you decide to advertise.


Advertising in your business is essential, if you aren’t prepared to put some money behind your business and your product, you may as well close the doors


#harsh – but true!


When you pay someone to organically post, schedule and create on behalf of your brand, what you are doing is:

  • Building consistency
  • Nurturing your customers
  • Supporting your clients
  • Converting new customers by showing them what you represent

It is true that organic is often slower to reach business goals, and while it’s technically free, it can take a bit of time experimenting and experience to get it right.


So we encourage you, if you are receiving the up arrow on your social media reports with lots of green – it’s working. Even when there might be a slight down arrow, it’s still working – because it’s creating and building your brand.


If you want to see more sales and lead gen – then talk to your provider about paid advertising or perhaps using the hybrid model that works wonders.


Want to talk about social strategy? Book in for an obligation free chat and let’s talk.


Lou & The Administers

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