So this is Christmas, and what have YOU done?

As the year comes to a close, it’s important to take stock of your business and figure out what did and didn’t work. Try to pinpoint any areas where you may have struggled and devise a plan to address them in the coming year. You’ll also want to ensure that you set some goals for yourself and your business for the coming year. Celebrate your successes from the past year, but don’t dwell on them too much – it’s time to focus on the future!

Time to take stock
As we dive headfirst into the silly season, it’s easy to get swept away in end-of-year parties and holidays, but it’s still important to spend some time thinking and planning around your 2023 business strategy. One benefit of doing this each year is that you’ll come to see patterns in your goal-setting and methods of working. You will gain wisdom in your methods. 

As you take the time to reflect, you might see gaps in your organisation. Perhaps staffing has become an issue, or you’ll find long-forgotten items on the to-do list that would help accelerate your business. 

The Administration Agency is an online service that helps business owners plan and execute tasks in a way that maximizes productivity while minimizing costs. After reviewing your 2022, maybe it’s time to call us. We are experts in identifying which areas of your business admin tasks you want to outsource.

Time to look to the future
Business reviews aren’t all about looking back. It’s also about planning for the future. What goal do you have for the next 12 months when you begin your review again? What would you like to have achieved? What plans do you have for a downturn in clients? Perhaps you have laid the groundwork during 2022 to really level up your business in the new year. This is the time to dream big. With risk also comes opportunity; it’s now that you can start figuring out how your organisation can be flexible and work with the current business conditions. 

How are YOU doing?
With all the talk of your business, don’t lose sight of your number one asset. You. Your health and well-being are essential parts of running your business. It’s important to figure out what a healthy work/life balance looks like for you. As things wind down over the coming weeks, it’s an ideal time to remind yourself of how enormously hard you work and to reward that hard work with rest and kindness. 

This time of year can be chaotic. Filled with family and events while managing end-of-year client expectations. But you aren’t alone. Taking the time in the next few weeks of the year to look back on what has and hasn’t worked in 2022 and dreaming of your goals for the coming year is important, as is taking time to celebrate the hard work with a well-deserved rest!

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