Busting OBM Myths

Busting OBM Myths   To round out this mini-series on working with an online business manager, I wanted to share my thoughts on some myths about OBMs. You’d be amazed by some myths that surround the industry. Interestingly, some of these misunderstandings have eased since COVID and the “new normal” of businesses adopting hybrid and

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Productivity  As a busy business owner, time is money. So finding ways to be more productive can directly impact the bottom line. But where do you begin? If you try searching for productivity tools, you’ll be met with an avalanche of options, each promising to help improve your efficiencies and your bottom line. What process

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Nurturing   Even though we often think of nurturing as the soft, caring skills of someone gently loving and tending to someone, we can still apply this to the business world! Nurturing your clients (and potential clients!) is about showing care and concern for what their pain points may be and then consistently showing them

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